Do you work on a formal contract and need credit? This article is especially for you. Get to know the types of loans available to employees.

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Payroll loan

Payroll loan

Payroll deductible loan with payroll discount is an alternative targeted at salaried employees who work in a private company, and who have a contract with banks.

The allowed credit limit value and also the parcel value are stipulated. Normally, the payable margin is only 35% of the salary.

In most cases the loan installment is paid off; has one of the lowest interest rates on the credit market.

Loan with property or vehicle guarantee

Loan with property or vehicle guarantee

Modality in which the borrower offers as guarantee of payment the property or vehicle.

This type of credit is also an option for self-employed and individual microentrepreneurs, because it is independent of income to repay the loan.



Overdraft is not one of the best loan options because it has one of the highest interest rates on the market.

In a simplified way, the overdraft serves as an emergency loan that the bank provides to the employee.

However, this credit is only available to the account holder and is not denied.

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Anticipation of the 13th salary

Commonly, bank branches enable account holders to anticipate the 13th salary to settle the loan when they receive the bonus.

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Personal loan

Personal loan

The personal loan is one of the most usual among the salaried because it presents its advantages compared to the payroll loan.

Opposite the consigned loan that has the assignable margin, the value of the personal loan is determined based on credit analysis of the agencies or financial.

Self-employed with salary and proof of income also have a good chance of acquiring a personal loan with fair installments.

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What is the best choice for a salaried employee?

What is the best choice for a salaried employee?

Personal loans and payroll loans are excellent alternatives for those who are registered, but the individual needs of the borrower must be understood.

In the consigned there is the credit limit and the portion will be deducted directly from the payment, whether or not the company is discharged.

In the personal loan, the amount is defined by the credit score, and even if there is no salary discount, it is necessary to organize the budget so as not to enter into debt.

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